Montag, 26. Januar 2009

Now we are 4 testers

Some minutes before I got one more people who is willing to support my testing.
Thank you very much !

the statistics:

I will pay $100 per month=$100
2 persons each $30 per month=$60
1 person $25 per month=$25

So we have 185$ now.

But we need at least $300...

I have two testers !

Today I got 2 people that are willing to support my testing. Thank you very much !

Each will pay $30 per month.

I will pay $100 per month.

So we have 130$ now.
But we need at least $300...

Freitag, 23. Januar 2009

Would you support my work, please ?

Hello traders,

I have developed a huge script-package that can trade signals received from almost any signal-provider.

The script-package has theese parts:
1. A script that reads the signals from the provider's pages and writes it to a database.
2. a software that read that signals into a private server
3. an EA(Expert Advisor) for MT4, that places that trades

You can imagine, that testing is quite expensive. The plan is to test 2 more signal-providers that cost $150 and $180 per month each. They have a good reputation in forums.
But I don't wanna tell their names in public here.

Testing this poviders means costs more than $300 per month. That's the reason why I'm posting here: I'm searching people who are willing to support me.

I'm willing to invest $100 per month.
So, if there are 2 more people willing to do the same, we can work together.
Or 10 people that pay $20.
Testing should go for 1 or 2 months. That's enough to see if the reported results of the signal-providers are true...

What will you get for supporting me ? If it works, you can use my script-package for free !
I don't wanna give it away before, because I'm afraid of hackers, that don't wanna help to do that testing.

Please tell me,what do you think about it ? And tell me your questions, please.

I would be happy to find some people supporting me.

Please email me at